About Us


My name is Christine Powers and I am an educator and jewelry designer.  I moved to Maui, Hawaii in July of 2008, with my husband Paul to start a teaching career at Kahului Elementary School. Paul and I quickly fell in love with everything about Maui.  We began collecting beautiful seashells and seaglass along Maui’s South and West Sides just for fun.


What started off as a little hobby, quickly turned into weekend adventures searching for these precious “Jewels”. Jewels of Maui has become  a great excuse to explore new places along the amazing coast. Whether it is free diving or testing out the four wheel drive, we are always on the search to find the next Jewels of Maui item!



Jewels of Maui products are one-of-a-kind pieces. They  are handmade and inspired by the island. All Jewels of Maui shells are handpicked from Hawaii’s  ocean and beaches and are never taken alive. My husband Paul and I are both excited to be able to share these Jewels of Maui with you. Aloha!

Christine and Paul Powers